Christmas Trees 2020

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Grand total for this year is: 36, which is a few more than last year. We do have some new ones and had to replace an old friend.

Let’s start downstairs this year. Here is a panorama of the family room.

Starting from the left of that image, we have two new trees. Both small trees. The one on the left (#1) is brown with clear lights. It has Santa and all the reindeer ornaments and the collection of Santa with animals ornaments. The tree on the right (#2) is gold with yellow lights and has various ornaments that didn’t fit on the gold tree in the mudroom this year.

Number 3 is the candy cane tree.

Red tree with gold ornaments (#4)

Penguin Tree (#5). This is a new physical tree (taller than the previous), but not really a “new tree”.

Rainbow tree (#6).

The two “main” trees all lit up.

The one on the left (#7) is a blue spruce with purple, teal, and white lights and ornaments.

The one on the right (#8) is new and is a white tree with blue lights and ornaments.

Moving into the dining room.

Three on the table – small Wizard of Oz (#9), Twelve Days of Christmas Tree (#10), tree with small ornaments (#11).

Number 12 is new and hiding under this table. It is lime green with lime green lights and has ornaments special to me from my childhood in the 80s.

Number 13 is the blue “snow tree”. Number 14 is the Buffalo Bills tree, and number 15 is the tree that formerly resided in our son’s room.

Little Sesame Street tree (#16). Luna really liked going up to this one and taking the ornaments off. Was able to rescue them from her, luckily.

Our first tree – gifted to us shortly after we were married holds Disney ornaments, Muppets, and other characters for kids. It is a favorite of many and holds a lot of ornaments. (#17)

This tree is not new this year. Last year it was in the family room and held ornaments from a tree we didn’t set up last year. This year, it is in a new location, but doesn’t have a theme or ornaments (#18). And even now, it still lacks direction. It has multi-colored LED lights that can change colors and patterns. The kids like changing the colors and patterns and no one has a real favorite, so it’s not clear what type of ornaments work with the lights. Suggestions welcome!

Some new additional décor (two new signs). This is normally where my grandmother’s nativity is displayed. This year, we have a little girl puppy that likes to take things off of counters. The idea that one of those things may be a piece from that set is too much to worry about, so we have other things instead. The unicorns were a gift for me from my grandmother when I was little. They are from AMA’s (and still stored in their original AMA’s box). The angels were made by my husband’s grandmother. The Mr. & Mrs. Claus were always displayed at my parents house when I was a kid. And yes, that is officially a Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the middle. I do believe it counts as #19.

This is the Belle tree, but more generally all our Beauty & the Beast ornaments (#20).

And in the mudroom/entry, we have the Star Wars tree (#21) and gold tree with animal ornaments (#22). Since we are working from home this year, I guess the Star Wars tree is set up “at work” as usual.

Number 23 is in our daughter’s bedroom and was decorated entirely by her.

The trees in our room got switched out this year. They are similar in theme, but different in shape and size. The ornament tree in the middle isn’t new (#24, 25, 26). Here are the old ones if you are interested.

Full view of the upstairs trees.

Silver tree with color wheel (#27) and rainbow ornaments. New tree topper this year!

Black tree with silver ornaments (#28).

Lilac tree with lilac and lime green ornaments (#29).

Purple tree with purple lights and various colored ornaments (#30). This was my first non-green tree and still one of my favorites.

Pink tree with pink lights and ornaments (#31).

Smaller pink with purple ornaments (#32).

Black to silver ombre tree with Barbie ornaments (#33).

Blue tree with toys and games (#34). This physical tree is new, but the theme isn’t. The old tree was a lighter blue with clear lights.

Wizard of Oz tree (#35).

This tree is new. It’s white with white lights and holds red and green ornaments (#36). It is a replacement for our original red and green ornament tree.

In memoriam: Our original red and green ornament tree. It was very special because my dad changed all of the white lights to red and green lights by hand. It took weeks. However, two new puppies in two years really liked to chew on its branches. After much patching had been done, there was one final finicky fuse incident (with a very bright and loud arc) that made us realize it was time for retirement. You will be missed, old friend. Here is your last Christmas photo (a rare photo of the initial stages of setup for the season). And last Christmas all dolled up.