Christmas Trees 2021

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Grand total for this year is: 33 at home and 1 at work, so 34.  

Finn and Luna hope everyone had a happy holiday season!

Starting downstairs in the family room:

We will go from left to right in this image and give some close-ups and will give some lit vs unlit versions when I have them.

Candy cane tree (#1).

Blue spruce with purple, teal, white, and black ornaments (#2). This is really one of my favorite trees.

Penguin Tree (#3).

Rainbow tree (#4).

Red with gold ornaments (#5). Lost a bunch of the ornaments this year due to water leaking into one of the ornament boxes sometime in the last 11 months.

White with red and green ornaments (#6).

Traveling over to the dining area:

Tree #7 is the mini Wizard of Oz, #8 is the Twelve Days of Christmas tree, #9 is another mini ornament tree

Hiding underneath is #10 – lime green with icons of the 80s.

Bills tree! (#11).

Number 12 is the blue snow tree and Number 13 is also blue with ornaments that technically belong to our son. The tree used to be in his room, but now resides downstairs.

Little Sesame Street tree (#14).

Number 15 is our first tree. Disney, Muppets, other friends.

Number 16 is new this year. It is a cousin to the rainbow tree in the family room, but in pastels. It is definitely our wedding colors. It is decorated with corresponding pastel colored ornaments.

We can’t forget Charlie Brown (#17).

Beauty and the Beast Tree (#18).

Moving upstairs to our bedroom, purple (#19), Mickey ornament tree (#20), and pink (#21).

Moving to the upstairs landing #22 is the blue tree with blue ornaments.

Purple tree (#23).

Black tree with silver ornaments (#24).

Number 26 is pink with pink ornaments. The tree itself is new because the old pink tree had finally shed more needles than were left on the tree.

Lilac tree with lime green ornaments on one side and purple ornaments on the other (#27).

A view of the other side of the same tree.

Little pink tree with purple ornaments (#28).

Black ombre tree with Barbie ornaments (#29).

Smaller dark blue with toys and games (#30).

Silver tree with rainbow ornaments lit by color wheel (#31).

Wizard of Oz tree (#32).

Tree in my daughter’s room (#33) – decorated by her.

And last but not least the tree in the office (#34).