Christmas Trees 2019

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Grand total for this year is: 31. We have one tree sitting out (because of the new puppy) and a new one up in its place, so we are neutral on count, but technically up an entire tree.

We have some new friends to greet us as we go upstairs, and we’ll start up there this year.


Number 1, 2, 3 in our bedroom.20191221_161040

Number 4 in our daughter’s room.20191211_205025

Number 5 – Wizard of Oz Tree.20191221_150402

Number 6 – Small pink with purple ornaments.28

Number 7 – Pink tree with pink ornaments.20191211_201908

Number 8 – Black tree with silver ornaments.20191211_202537

Number 9 – Purple tree with purple lights.20191211_202542

Number 10 – Light Blue tree with blue ornaments.20191211_175354

Number 11 – Silver tree with rainbow ornaments.20191211_214130

Number 12 – Small light blue tree with ornaments that are toys and games.20191221_144707

Number 13 – Large lilac tree with purple and lime green ornaments (two photos to show both sides).20191221_14210520191221_142050

Number 14 – Silver to black ombre with Barbie ornaments.20191221_143451

And some full shots of the upstairs before we head back down to the first floor.20191224_19151220191224_19150620191224_19141220191224_191534

Into the dining room  and number 15 – Silver tree with Beauty & the Beast ornaments.20191230_110307

Number 16 – Red tree with Gold ornaments.20191224_112352

Number 17 – Green tree with Disney ornaments.20191223_204127

Number 18 – Blue tree that used to reside in our son’s room, but now makes its home in the dining room.20191223_204134

Number 19 – Bills tree!20191223_204152

Number 20 – Our snow tree.20191223_204201

Number 21 – Small Sesame Street Tree.20191223_205700

Number 22 – Mini ornament tree.20191223_205708

Number 23 – Twelve Days of Christmas tree.20191223_205713

Number 24 – Wizard of Oz mini tree.20191223_205741

Number 25 – Candy Cane Tree.20191222_155202

Number 26 – Purple, Teal, White tree.20191222_155151

Number 27 – Penguin tree.20191222_112320

Number 28 – Rainbow tree.20191222_111555

Number 29 – Red and Green tree.20191223_205840

Number 30 (our new addition – has color-changing LED light) with another tree’s ornaments. [Normally the ornaments for the gold tree.]20191224_112321

And one more at the office (Star Wars)! (For a total of 31! And one that wasn’t able to be set up because of the new puppy’s kennel.)20191203_142928

Some shots of the downstairs with all the trees:

Here is my Lola and the trees in the family room:20191224_190921

When Santa comes to visit and read a story to everyone on Christmas Eve in a very Christmas-y room.20191224_153459Family room in daytime:20191230_130854Dining room trees:20191224_19124020191230_11031620191224_191210