Christmas Trees 2017

Ahead to 2018


This is a set of three small trees, from left to right [#1] holds miniature ornaments, [#2] is a twelve ornament holder for a set of 12 days of Christmas ornaments from Hallmark, and [#3] is new for 2017 and is a mini tree especially for mini Wizard of Oz ornaments.

20171126_152126 (2017-11-26T15_21_26.000)

Left to right: [#4] is a 3ft turquoise tree with turquoise lights and has been called the snowflake tree for many years. [#5] is a small turquoise tree with Sesame Street ornaments that has been in the house for a while, but put up for the first time in 2017. [#6] is a 3 ft turquoise tree with clear lights that used to be in our son’s room.  He no longer wants a tree in his room and right now, it is filled with ornaments that are about him.


[#7] The first of our full-sized trees (7 ft) is a green tree with multi-colored lights. It contains ornaments such that it has been named the “Kid tree”. It is all things that either we liked as kids or that our kids liked. So, it is filled with Disney characters and princesses, the Muppets ans assorted other characters that kids like.

20171221_171540 (2017-12-21T17_15_39.000)

[#8] White tree (6.5ft) with red and green lights. Decorated with red and green ornaments.

20171126_160358 (2017-11-26T16_03_58.000)

[#9] Small red tree (3 ft) with red lights and gold ornaments.


[#10] This is a small (3 ft) white tree with clear lights. It has all penguin ornaments.


[#11] This is a 3.5 ft candy cane (red and white) stripe tree with clear lights and green ornaments.


[#12] This tree is new in 2017 and is a 6.5 ft rainbow tree. It has clear lights that are not on in this picture and the tree topper when illuminated casts multi-colored stars on the ceiling. The ornaments on this tree match the colors of the tree (red on the red parts, orange on the orange parts, etc.)


[#13] What I guess would be considered our “main tree”. This is the one Santa puts the presents under. It is a 7ft blue spruce with teal, purple, white, and clear lights. It has ornaments that are blue, purple, white, or black.


[#14] is new this year, but replaces a tree that broken last year. It is a bronze metallic tree (6 ft) with clear lights. It contains ornaments whose red and green are not quite right for the large red and green tree, but most predominantly in recent years, it contains anything with brown, which is usually fur, and usually bears or dogs. It contains a number of ornaments that are not entirely gold, but contain some gold and cream.


I believe this tree looks significantly different without the lights on, so another photo of that tree.


[#15] In our daughter’s bedroom, a 3ft pink flocked tree with pink lights containing ornaments of her favorite things.


[#16 & #17] in our bedroom, a pair of 3 ft trees, lilac with silver ornaments (and silver crown tree topper) and pink with gold ornaments (and gold tree topper). In between is an ornament holder with some personal favorite ornaments. This also displays a handmade nativity scene from Uncle Larry which is very special to us.


[#18] This is a 6 ft light blue tree with light blue lights. It has blue ornaments and a blue angel tree topper. This tree skirt was made by my mother.

20171204_203721 (2017-12-04T20_37_21.000)

[#19] Black tree (4 ft) with clear lights and silver ornaments

20171204_203208 (2017-12-04T20_32_08.000)

[#20] One of my first colored tree purchases. A 4 ft dark purple tree with purple lights. It has white and lime green ornaments on it. Another tree skirt made by my mother.


[#21] A 5ft pink tree with pink lights and pink ornaments.


[#22] A 3 ft hot pink tree with pink lights and purple ornaments.


[#23 – left] A 3 ft light blue tree with clear lights that celebrates childhood memories and toys (primarily Fisher Price toys). [#24 – right] a 3.5 ft silver aluminum-looking tree with no lights. It is lit by a color wheel (not on for this picture) and has rainbow ornaments (including Rainbow Brite and Care Bears).


[#25] This is a 3 ft ombre tree that starts black, has a dark gray in the middle and tops with silver. It has clear lights and Barbie ornaments.


[#26] A 6 ft lilac tree with clear lights. It contains light purple/lilac colored ornaments as well as lime colored ornaments.


Full view of the upstairs


View of the upstairs from the other direction.


[#27] Green 5 ft tree with multi-colored lights and Wizard of Oz ornaments with Wizard of Oz tree topper. Many of these ornaments play music or say lines from the movie.


[#28] Lives in my office at work. It is a 3 ft black tree with Star Wars ornaments.